The Little Guy

The Little Guy

Some of our investments are with organizations and upstarts you have never heard of. Some are small businesses, and some are tiny. We support the little guy and work to fund entrepreneurs who do not have access to the typical financial institutions. With this, we accept more risk to be activists for an economy that lifts all and that gives everyone a chance at success.

Some of our investees are too small to even have a website, but they work under the radar in their own local economies. They may connect with patrons on social media or face to face in the neighborhood. Some are one-person businesses working in underserved communities. To be bold agents of change, we sometimes back these nontraditional businesses and get capital flowing to those who do not have the same access and opportunity, largely people of color in areas of poverty.

Thank you for helping us take a chance on these promising small businesses and the creative and energetic entrepreneurs whose vision drives them. To help us level the playing field and build an economy that benefits all, please make a donation.

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