Simply Good Jars

Simply Good Jars

Simply Good Jars offers delicious, organic salads with locally sourced ingredients, delivered in reusable plastic jars. This company was founded with the goal of helping end our dependence on single-use plastics.

At the company’s inception, Simply Smart Fridges were installed in airports and work places, with plastic jar return receptacles right beside the fridges. They offer healthy and convenient meals while making the return of packaging easy. They had a 93% return rate and expected that to rise as customers were educated on the concept.

The Untour Foundation was an early backer, and our board sampled some of the beautifully layered salads. First, they tossed the salads by shaking the jars and spreading the delicious dressings evenly. Then they dove into the jars with forks or chopsticks. (You can place the salads and other Simply Good Jars offerings on a plate or in a bowl, but somehow eating out of the jar is more fun.) The salads feature creative combinations and are simply delicious!

Simply Good is now offering their products for home delivery through Go Puff, and they offer catering. In these cases, they ask customers to scan the unique QR code on their jar and commit to recycling or reusing their jars. They also commit to donate a meal to a family in need for every jar scanned. The company is a certified B Corporation and is working to grow across the country while continuing to source its organic ingredients locally.

To read more or see if they deliver in your area, visit their website. To help the Untours Foundation support the work of this and other green businesses, make a donation.

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