Posted on Apr 17, 2019 in | 3 comments

Simply Good Jars offers delicious, local, organic meals in reusable plastic jars. This company is inspiring us to end our use of single-use plastics. Its Simply Smart Fridges are installed mostly in work places with its plastic jar return receptacles right beside the fridges. They have a 93% return rate and expect that to rise as customers are educated on the concept.

Our board sampled some of the beautifully layered salads. First, they tossed the salads by shaking the jars and spreading the delicious dressings evenly. Then they dove into the jars with forks or chop sticks. You can, of course, place the salads and other Simply Good Jars offerings on a plate or in a bowl, but somehow eating out of the jar is more fun!

The food is second to none. This company plans to grow across the country always sourcing its organic ingredients locally. It is selling out at its locations, so it is off and running.