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My Milkcrate is another innovative woman-founded business based in Philadelphia, yet poised for the national spotlight. If you know nothing about smartphone apps, don’t read this whole article, but know that My Milkcrate is making it easy to shop more locally and sustainably wherever you are.

For those who are tech savvy, My Milkcrate connects people to sustainable businesses in their neighborhoods with a mobile app. Now in Philadelphia, Boston, Denver, Asheville, Washington DC, and San Francisco, founder Morgan Berman and her team are passionate about connecting sustainable values to individual spending.

“Our mission is to shift consumer spending into the local sustainable economy. We generate revenue by promoting businesses who care about their impact on people, the planet and profit (usually in that order). Ultimate success is increased spending in the local sustainable economy, because that money will circulate closer to home, creating more local jobs and help reverse the negative impact of consumption into a positive force for the world.”

My Milkcrate is getting so much positive press lately!


Philadelphia Magazine: