Planned Giving

Planned Giving

Looking to the future with the Untours Foundation

We wish you could be a fly on the wall at our board meetings – they are anything but Roberts-Rules events. Everything at this Foundation is unique, productive, and outside of any box I’ve ever known.

When Hal and Norma were with us, the board spent a fair amount of time on transition planning. These discussions were met not with heaviness, but always amusement, because the conversations started like this:

Hal: “If I die……”

Norma interrupting: “IF you die!?” Then shaking her head at her crazy husband, “You mean, ‘WHEN you die!’”

Hal would smile, the board members would laugh, and the transition planning would proceed. Hal and Norma gave the board years of time to prepare for inheriting Untours, their beloved travel company.

I did my first “transition planning” when my daughter was born 26 years ago. I surprised my lawyer with 12 single-spaced pages of text for that will. I had a lot to say about the care of my daughter – and my dog!

I’ve just completed my second will these two-and-a-half decades later. It’s not nearly as long, but it’s just as thoughtful. The world needs lots of help, and I want to leave funds where I believe they can go the furthest. I don’t have coffers of money, which in some ways makes my choices all the more precious. The Untours Foundation is one of my recipients.

I know this is not a fun topic. It goes against our very culture. I, too, prefer the “if I die” scenario. But even if we can’t control that it’s really a “when,” we can control what our legacy and lasting effect will be. We can name and support those we believe in.

So, I invite you to join me in including the Untours Foundation in your estate planning. As you already know, the Foundation’s work is helping entrepreneurs to change lives and heal the planet. Naming the Untours Foundation in your plans empowers you to continue that impact many years into the future. Here are some of the options you have:

  • Include the Untours Foundation in your will
  • Gift appreciated stock to the Untours Foundation and avoid capital gains taxes
  • Receive a tax deduction and make a gift now that pays you income for life

It’s simple. To include us in your will or trust, please use the following simple language:

I give to the Untours Foundation, P.O. Box 405, Media PA 19063, Tax ID/EIN #23-2703497, $_____ (or ____ % of the rest of my estate) to be used for general purposes.

May we all live long and healthy lives and improve this world now and later.

Elizabeth Killough, Co-CEO

P.S. Ask about our Charitable Remainder Trust, which allows you to donate now – including appreciated stocks – and receive a tax deduction plus 5% interest annually on your gift for the rest of your life.

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