Peaceful Fruits

Peaceful Fruits

Peaceful Fruits is a cause-driven, better-for-you snack manufacturer that is reinventing candy. They use 100% fruit-based ingredients to keep candy fun, but without the junk. At the core of their production team are adults with developmental disabilities and mental health issues in full-wage jobs. The UnTours Foundation provided a flexible loan to help scale their operations.

The Peaceful Fruits’ Origin Story:
After serving as a Peace Corps volunteer, Evan Delahanty (pictured above) brought back the mission of responsible economic empowerment, as well as a deep connection to nature. He wanted to share both of those with more people and so he launched Peaceful Fruits. Today they use the best fruit from around the world – sourced for both sustainability and quality – to make candy and fruit snacks that give consumers all the fun and playfulness of candy in familiar forms. And at the same time, the candies are 100% fruit with 0g added sugar and absolutely no additives, dyes, or allergens.

Peaceful Fruits’ primary mission is making delicious, healthy snacks for children and adults. And they make it a priority to manufacture snacks using only ethically sourced fruit. It took a lot of experimenting, but they were determined to make sweet and delicious snacks without any added sugar. By using the perfect combination of perfectly ripened fruit, the added sugar, or even sugar alternative, is not necessary. This creates a treat that is not only delicious but also nutritious.

PHOTO: Evan packing an order with a Peaceful Fruits team member.
PHOTO: Evan packing an order with a Peaceful Fruits team member.

How Peaceful Fruits is Changing the World:
Peaceful Fruits is a certified B Corporation and is incredibly proud to have their mission at the center of everything they do. It starts with their commitment to hire adults with developmental disabilities and mental health issues in full-wage jobs as the core of their production team. It began with AJ, Evan’s very first helper. AJ has severe Down Syndrome, but that did not stop him from wanting to see Peaceful Fruits grow. They would meet at the farmer’s market in the early days and then he continued to help package the finished products. He was so positive and enthusiastic, it filled everyone with the energy to continue and grow as a company.

Through the Peaceful Fruits Foundation, they also tackle the growing crisis around youth mental health. They create and distribute educational tools that help even young kids build lifelong mental health skills through insights from scientists and psychologists passed along in fun and memorable ways.

How you can Support Entrepreneur Evan and Peaceful Fruits:
Peaceful Fruits can be purchased on their website. And to make it even easier, so you never run out of your new favorite snack, you can sign up for a monthly subscription. Besides the convenience, you will enjoy 10% off and free shipping. To stay up to date on their latest products and initiatives, follow them on Instagram and Facebook and share their posts with your network to help spread the word. Peaceful Fruits believes that together we can chip away at making more peaceful lives and a more peaceful world.

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