Investing to Build a New Economy

Change making • Risk taking • Earth shaking

We Support Sustainable Small Businesses that Create Good Jobs and Build Stronger, More Equitable Communities

More Than Money

We support innovative businesses with financial investment and mentoring. We take a hands-on approach with our investees, offering pro bono consulting and support along with our loan money.


Get Involved

Our work supports green business, Fair Trade, targeted investing, and local economies. Get involved with a financial gift, your time, or in support of some of our innovative new businesses. Join us!



Ben Cohen
Ben Cohen, Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream

The Untours Foundation is not your plain, vanilla foundation. It’s more like a banana split — with a side of firecrackers.

Paul Newman

Untours’ giving is creative in every sense of the word. Their low-interest loans literally create jobs among the hard-core unemployed and housing in decaying urban centers.