Charitable Remainder Trust

Charitable Remainder Trust

Consider a CRT.

This formidable sounding trust is actually quite simple.

A Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) is a donation of cash, stocks, or other assets to a non-profit organization. In return, donors receive an annual interest payment on their donations for the rest of their lives. Our CRT pays 2% annual interest.

There are additional benefits as well to donors: a tax deduction plus the waiving of capital gains taxes (if the donation is stock or a similar asset).

The CRT is a contract between the donor and the Untours Foundation and involves no administrative costs. The donated cash or assets remain the property of the Untours Foundation after the death of the donor. By irrevocably transferring the assets to the CRT during her or his lifetime, the donor can significantly reduce inheritance and estate taxes.

Our CRTs are invested in the outstanding entrepreneurs, whom we hand select to address serious social, economic, and environmental issues. To set up your own Charitable Remainder Trust with the Untours Foundation, please contact us.

The fine print: Donors receive a guaranteed annual 2% income on their gifts for the rest of their lives while supporting an organization they love, the Untours Foundation.

Photo : Some of our CRT funds are invested with SosteNica, which undertakes development projects in Nicaragua incorporating novel and forward thinking sustainability practices.