Using the power of business to solve social and environmental problems

The Untours Foundation has a great belief in the promise of B Corporations, a certification that verifies companies are considering all stakeholders (such as employees, people and the environment) and not only shareholders (profit). We also are supportive of benefit corporations, which is a new kind of business entity which takes into account social or environmental impact in addition to profits. For more information, read on here.

Both the B Corp certification and the benefit corporation status are powered by B Lab, a nonprofit based outside of Philadelphia. The story goes that Jay Coen Gilbert and Bart Houlahan, B Lab’s founders, were inspired by Hal’s model of profit-sharing and generosity. The three quickly became close and Untours was the world’s first B Corporation. B Lab also gives out an annual award in Hal Taussig’s name.

In that spirit, the Untours Foundation likes to invest in B Corporations and benefit corporations, and we also try to help our investees along the road to becoming B Corps. We have recently established a fund in Norma and Hal Taussig’s honor specifically devoted to developing and supporting B Corps in our work.

Hal with BLab founders Bart Houlahan and Jay Gilbert

Hal with BLab founders Bart Houlahan and Jay Gilbert


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