November Newsletter — Simple Gifts

2017 - UnTours Foundation

Alix takes a Scotland Untour!

Photo above: Broome Farm, our next door neighbor   My Scottish Untour by Untours Foundation Board member Alix Rabin I was drawn to Scotland by the desire to stand in the midst of breathtakingly beautiful moors and crags and mountains and lakes. My Scottish Untour did not disappoint.  Arriving at the Wallace View 2 apartment,


New Day Chester ignites growth through the arts

The Untours Foundation hasn’t ever made a loan to a museum, but it is invested in an exciting new arts project in the struggling city of Chester, Pa. New Day Chester is inspiring artistic expression and using it as fuel for social renewal and much-needed economic development. With multi-talented artist and entrepreneur, Devon Walls, at


Videos from the UnGala!

Enjoy short videos of two presentations at our recent UnGala event celebrating the Foundation’s 25th Anniversary:  Rachel Faller, founder of the Fair Trade clothing business, tonlé, who won our UnDreamed of Award for social vision, economic justice, and environmental transformation in business; and Devon Walls of New Day Chester, a Foundation investee who is leading an arts


UnGala Gratitude

The Untours Foundation held its second annual UnGala on Saturday, April 1, 2017 at the gorgeous home of Bart and Chrissy Houlahan outside of Philadelphia. We are so grateful for everything about this event: our generous hosts, our wonderful community of supporters, our inspiring investees, and our hardworking volunteers. The celebration brought out nearly 100 of


A Town-and-Country Company

  Lancaster Food Company, one of the Untours Foundation’s recent investees, is definitely a “town and country” company. Located in Lancaster, Pa, this organic bakery straddles two worlds—a city with a population of half-a-million and a county that is home to some of America’s most idyllic countryside.  It’s the perfect place for a business that


Ties that bind: Knotty Tie and the Refugee Crisis

What if U.S. communities embraced the gifts that international refugees have to offer and partnered with them to rebuild our economy through innovative business models?  And what if those business models reinvigorated old industries with fresh ideas and a responsive approach? That is exactly what Knotty Tie, an entrepreneurial and visionary business in Denver, Colorado,