Norma and Hal have been champions of B Corporations from their invention. In fact, Untours was the world’s first B Corp!

This fund will invest exclusively in early stage businesses that are B Corporations and will also support fledgling socially and environmentally minded businesses through the process to becoming full-feathered B Corporations. 

B Corp Declaration of Interdependence

We envision a global economy that uses business as a force for good. This economy is comprised of a new type of corporation — the B Corporation — which is purpose-driven and creates benefit for all stakeholders, not just shareholders. As B Corporations and leaders of this emerging economy, we believe:

That we must be the change we seek in the world.

That all business ought to be conducted as if people and place mattered.

That, through their products, practices, and profits, businesses should aspire to do no harm and benefit all. To do so requires that we act with the understanding that we are each dependent upon another and thus responsible for each other and future generations.

Please join us in honoring Norma and Hal’s pioneering legacy

of creating and supporting businesses that value people, planet and profits.

Or, send a check to the Untours Foundation, 415 East Jasper Street, Media, PA 19063