Elizabeth, Hal and Shannon in the Untours office

Elizabeth, Hal and Shannon in the Untours office


DSCN0514Elizabeth Killough, Director, holds a Masters of Public and International Affairs from the University of Pittsburgh. She directed an anti-hunger organization and co-directed an organization that addressed US policy toward Central America. She was self-employed for a decade leading retreats and consulting on organizational development for businesses and non-profits. A long time peace activist, Elizabeth focuses on sustainable development issues as the avenue to peace.



Shannon Davidson, Foundation Communications, graduated from Dartmouth College, and subsequently worked on numerous television documentaries including Ken Burns’ JAZZ. A mother of three, she has been a freelance web and marketing consultant in recent years and is one of the founders of Media Farmers’ Market and Friends of Glen Providence Park. She also sings and plays ukulele and guitar with the trio Me3.


Untours Foundation Pro-Bono Consultants

DSCN0758Jon Blum sold a textile company in order to partner with a friend in the venture capital business. He became president of a MREIT, a public real estate company, designed to demonstrate that an integrated community would not lower property values. MREIT proved its profitable point by selling $40 million of real estate. Jon spent 24 years at Merrill Lynch where he helped develop a socially responsible investment strategy. He has been active in Philadelphia and national Democratic politics, is a former president of a local chapter of the ADA, and was co-chair of CORE during the civil right period. He holds a B.A. from Dartmouth College. Jon officially retired in 2010, but we keep him busy assisting our loan recipients.


TedLeBowTed LeBow earned his Bachelors from Cornell University’s School of Agriculture in Business Management. He earned his Advanced Business Degree from the School of Hard Knocks. Over nearly 30 years, he has run eight small to midsized businesses, and has owned all or part of five of them. His current company, JRI Consulting, provides entrepreneurs with hands on support. This work, coupled with the knowledge of actually being a CEO, has earned him the nickname “An Entrepreneur’s Best Nightmare.”


Victor Mallet¬†holds an undergraduate chemical engineering degree from MIT and an MBA from Stanford Graduate School of Business. He specialized in minority owned business development for a business incubator in Philadelphia. Helping a struggling Untours Foundation loan recipient, Victor brought a pickle company to life including having it featured on American Public Radio’s “Marketplace.” Currently, Victor is in his homeland of Ghana working with an emerging energy generation company.